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Ultra-Canvas-Lite v1.1

In response to lots of inquiries we developed a simplified, low-priced version of Ultra-Canvas.
This versions is appropriate for the occasional user.


  Ultra-Canvas-Lite v1.x Ultra-Canvas v2.x

Frame depth yes (selection list) yes
Backside width yes (selection list) yes
Overlap fix 2mm yes
Effects (3x Sepia, 3x B/W) yes yes
Border type - mirror yes yes
Bordertype - black/white yes yes
Boder type - average color yes yes
Border type - foreground yes yes
Border type - color picker no yes
Border type - Wrap no yes
Border type - Stretch border no yes
Outer border line yes (always) yes (variable)
Inner border line yes (always) yes (variable)
Hanger Marks no yes
Stapler Marks no yes
ColorCheck Online yes yes
Frame Size Text yes (always) yes (variable)
Free Text (e.g. ordernumber) no yes
Company Logo no ye

Logo straight search

yes yes
Load and Save Presets no yes
Ultra-Canvas-Setup no yes
Batch processing no yes
change ligthness of borders no yes
Unlimited Imagesize

no (Limite to 100cm
for smaller side)