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Ultra-Canvas Gallery Wrap in detail

Explanations for the various parameters of version 2.0 are specified below.


Back side width

The width of the stretcher strips will be defined here to mount the canvas on the back of the frame.

This edge will be fastened using canvas pliers or by hand and stapled to the frame.

set back space for strecherbar

Frame depth

Input the depth of the stretcher bars. Stretcher bars usually have a depth of 2cm and 4cm.

Important! Add about 5mm in order that your printed area will turn around to the back. In that way you can assure that the edges are completely printed. Further on you will have a better possibility to align your picture (see also inner border line).

 set strecher-bar depth


The edge-color will not appear in the frontal view of a perfect photo canvas with for example white edges. Enlarge your image with this parameter to ensure it. Your image will overlap slightly to the edges.

Regular settings are 2 to 3mm, depending on the quality and tolerance of your stretcher strips.

The overlap always refers to one side.
2mm overlap = 4mm enlarged printed image total
3mm overlap = 6mm enlarged printed image total

set overlap

Border type - mirror

The margins of all 4 sides of your printed image are mirrored and inserted as your border. The result is a seamless mirroring of the picture to the borders.

This border type is good suited for images with "straight" edges such as landscape themes.


  • The initial picture will be kept in the frontal view


  • Pictures with uneven elements at the borders will be mirrored accordingly uneven
mirrored border for canvas prints

Border type – average color

Ultra-Canvas calculates the average color by an internally reduction of the image to a small area and uses the resulting color

average color for canvas print border

Border type – foreground

Choose any color from the picture using Photoshop´s "Eyedropper tool". Ultra-Canvas will use this color for the borders.
set forground color as border for canvas print

Border type – wrap print

An easy and efficient way to create the borders is to enlarge the image by the depth of your stretcher strips.


  • Image is running "comfortable" around the borders


  • Image will be (if not quadratic) distorted. The more tendency to panorama-format, the greater the distortion.
  • Information of the image could turn to the borders. The smaller the image, the more information can be lost.
set wrap print for border on canvas prints

Border type – wrap print proportional

The image is proportionally enlarged and trimmed centered compared to the regular "wrap print" tool.


  • no distortion


  • depending on the width-to-height-ratio the image will be trimmed more or less
set wrap print border proportional for canvas prints

Outer border line

This reference line is used to trim the canvas as a preparation for the stretching process.

Choose between border line (a continuous line) or half cross (crop mark) in the Ultra-Canvas-Setup to define the character of the lines. The color is changeable too.

set outer border line

Inner border line

This is a beneficial reference line to align the stretcher bars on the printed image. The print is facing the table, the backside of the image is facing the stretcher bars.

You usually don´t need this reference line when you chose "mirror", "wrap print" or colored edges like black or white, these borders will give you a good orientation. You will recognize that pictures with white areas closed to the borders and white borders are not that easy to align. The inner border line is a great help here.

Choose between border line (a continuous line) or half cross (crop mark) in the Ultra-Canvas-Setup to define the character of the lines. The color is changeable too.

set inner border line as guides for canvas print

Company logo

All files are listed in a drop down menu from the entire logo index. You can change the path in the Ultra-Canvas Setup.


choose logo for back side on canvas prints

Company logo straight search

Select the files of your choice from your computer by a click on the directories box "..."

This is a fast and easy way for rarely used company logos.

straight search fot backside logo on canvas prints


Safe and name your settings to load them quickly with your next application.

Hint: Apply presets for all different stretcher bar widths!

load or save preset from all parameters

Hanger Marks

This function include automatic hanger marks. The time for measuring up the position can be saved. Nonconformity will be prevented.

The amount, size and position of the individual hanger marks can be chosen freely. It is defined in the setup-presets.



Stapler Marks

This function enables the optimal positioning of the stapler marks. The method of operation will be simplified and standardized. You can reach a very professional allocation-view on the backside of the stretcher frame.

The amount and position of the stapler marks can be chosen freely. It is defined in the setup-presets.


Batchprocessing of Image Folders

If you activate this function in the setup-window, ultra-canvas will work with the last presets you set. There will be no seperate dialog. You can record an action and by batchprocessing the process will be finalized automatically for the whole image folder.

This function allows the mirrowing of the borders of your stretcher-frame in a completely automatized way.


ColorCheck Online insert control color strips

Do you use Color Check Online for you quality insurance of RGB prints? If so Ultra-Canvas can automatic include the rigth color strips.

More information about Color Check Online:


Using effekts (3 sepia + 3 black/white)

Ultra-Canvas provide you with automatic apply of 3 differend sepia toning and black-white comversations.

Sepia: Three differend saturations.



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